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Sunday, June 11, 2006

seperate2005 [+/-] EXPAND/HIDE SONG INFO

You are a young child again and you are moving house. Seperated from your friends at school, travelling in the back of your parents a car - on the motorway, the scenery goes by outside: buildings, telegraph poles, power lines, fences, bridges. From your low viewpoint you can only see the tops of these objects whizzing by against a rich blue sky.

Occasionally the car goes over bumps, jolting you out of your seat momentarily. As the car swerves and passes down a dusty track, the scenery changes from sub-urban to deep woodland, you see the tops of trees teaming with wildlife, the birds flying overhead.

As the woodland gets more dense, a feeling of calm washes over you until the woodland breaks into a clearing and the feeling of calm is replaced by dread; sparked by the presence of a giant ominous building.


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