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Saturday, June 10, 2006

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You are in an outdoor swimming pool, lying on your back, floating.
You are staring up at the sun going behind the clouds, everything is peaceful.

Suddenly a plane passes overhead - raining down all sorts of tiny confetti-like bits of multicoloured plastic that start falling into the water around you making tiny splashes.

Without warning, the bits of plastic start inflating impossibly quickly and turning into giant spiky geometric forms that start violently spinning and changing colour and shape, their vertices folding in on themselves creating M.C.Echer-like impossible illusions of shape and space... And there's hundreds of them! Thousands!

You burst into panic, wondering what the hell is going on; the shapes are starting to interlock with oneanother and are starting to turn into some sort of unimaginable machine...

Technical comments:
Yamaha OPL percussion that is layered and panned across the stereo field and cut up in all sorts of strange and wonderful ways produces a the chewing, spikey percussion.

The melody was played on a Yamaha FM toy keyboard through a princeton guitar amp and some effects pedals. It was recorded one night after a long hard slog writing a Music Business report. I had to play very quietly, because Dave was trying to sleep next door! Ah, uni life!

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