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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

historyhunt bouncy 2A [+/-] EXPAND/HIDE SONG INFO

Wow, this tune just sticks in your head. Stick with it, its relentless. I assure you that after a while you'll be bouncing too.

This track was mixed entirely live with lots of Cubase mouse mixing, a live solo played on a Yamaha PSS-320 toy keyboard all mixing down to two stereo tracks on my Tascam 4 track. Its impressive how I managed to keep up with it all!

Also this version includes a small (silly) time-signature-adjusted extract from mario-kart too.

Musical commentary:
Stuttering insane samples from a TV show called "history hunt" in the UK, not that you'd ever recognise it since they've been cut up in a way that makes you bounce out of your chair... Its in 3/4 too which is a change from the monotony of throwaway pop rhythms!

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