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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

complex-distorto [+/-] EXPAND/HIDE SONG INFO

Extremely disturbing stuff this:

You're walking alone in the forest, you've been out a bit too long and its getting dark. The light is fading, growing dusky, a grey light. Thick forrest, the smell of pinetrees.

Distant sound of a helicopter, then a swarm of bees, aeroplanes, the millitary!

And suddenly a trapdoor opens, swallowing you into the earth. As you hurtle down the tunnel with a bump, you find yourself in a large open space, the acoustic changing to cave-like proportions.

a warehouse.
busy machinery, cranes, neon, they're building somthing... under the forest. its big, it fills the cave. Scaffolding, trucks, and many hundreds of workers... Scurrying like ants, or rats, or bees.

Then out, on a train journey. The city, bleak skyscrapers, the insane guitarist on the hill plays on, a thousand miles of empty train track, stretching on...

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